Liza Weil featured in Coveteur (at Beachwood Cafe)



Things have gotten so intense, even Paris Geller can’t resist.

By: Samantha Sutton
Photography: Nikko LaMere

Watching a show like How to Get Away with Murder can get pretty intense. One second, you think you’ve got that plot line all figured out. The next? It twists, it turns, and your favorite character is killed off. Now you’re totally hooked and ready to tune in next week to find out what the hell’s going on.

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The Best New School Diners in Los Angeles



Beachwood Cafe

Patti Peck revamped Village Coffee Shop, the last stop for sustenance on the rise to the Hollywood sign, in 2012. Architect Barbara Bestor spearheaded the design for Beachwood Café, which includes pine beams, marble counter and tables, and colorful blue and yellow tiles. Signature Geoff McFetridge wallpaper sports panels of mod flowers, diamonds, and surfboards. Signs pronounce “GOOD FOOD GOOD MOOD,” which may have something to do with the case of pastries and pies by the register. The menu at breakfast, lunch, and dinner is teeming with global touches. Breakfast builds on scrambles and griddled “morning glory” with quinoa Muesli. Lunch revolves around salads, sandwiches, and bowls. Dinner is Beachwood Café’s most ambitious meal, spanning from French coq au vin Provencal to Japanese somen with seared yellowtail and chile vinaigrette.

2695 N. Beachwood Dr., Hollywood

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4 Los Angeles Restaurants Not To Miss

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Beachwood Cafe

If you are heading up to take photos of the Hollywood sign, check out Hollywood’s homey diner, the famed Beachwood Cafe. “Hollywood is a great place to have a restaurant because tourists from all over the globe come here to see what life is like offscreen. It’s nice to know we are a friendly oasis that becomes part of the memories they go home with,” said Patti Peck, chef/owner.

For a change of pace from the hustle and bustle, Beachwood Canyon has a small town feel. “There are artists, top charting pop stars, famed film and tv actors, directors and writers galore who come because of the relaxed atmosphere and good food,” said Patti.

“We are really the opposite of one of those ‘seen and be seen’ places. Celebs come here with their kids and friends and are never bothered. Everybody gets treated the same and I think that’s why we are popular.”

She added: “I believe a good food joint in Hollywood anchors the community so that’s what I try to do. I’ve been lucky and successful at it for the last 30 years.

Specialties at the restaurant include handmade pickles, yogurts and jam. “We try to have healthy food that doesn’t feel like a punishment, although I am over kale, aren’t you? Our food is carefully sourced and everything else we keep as clean as possible,” Patti said.

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