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Beachwood Cafe: Bringing a Taste of History to the Hollywood Sign


By Christopher Dela Cruz

Imagine yourself hiking up to the historically known Hollywood Sign, built in 1924. Each of its 50 foot letters cost $21,000 to build and place on Mt. Lee with lights. Twenty-five years later, the city started to tear down the sign because nearly all the light bulbs had been stolen. However, it was restored and shortened to “Hollywood” because the community wanted to keep the sign. Thirty years later the second renovation of the sign began. The community contributed to help restore the landmark, with each letter costing $27,000, and it now remains the Hollywood sign that we know today.

After hitting the top of this scenic spot and heading back down, you can definitely work yourself up an appetite. Where better to go to fill your belly than right at the bottom of the hill at Beachwood Cafe! What was once just a coffee shop is now an iconic café.

Originally The Humpty Dumpty Store, this location then changed into the Beachwood Market in 1933. It slowly expanded throughout the years, eventually adding a Safeway Market and The Beachwood Coffee Shop in 1952. Years later, Patti Peck took over and transformed the coffee shop into what is now the Beachwood Cafe, which opened March 1, 2012. With food crafted by Executive Chef Patti, who has been featured in the Food Networks series Chopped, Beachwood always guarantees a tasteful experience.


Beachwood is the cafe that you visit with your grandmother, the cafe that strays away from the city crowd. It is the cafe of choice when you want a nice homemade breakfast that stays true to the neighborhood. If you come during the right time, you may spot some famous faces eating here. You might not think about it considering that it is not the typical LA glitz and glam cafe, but you will be surprised which celebrity casually walks through the door and sits next to you during breakfast.

Being an LA native, I have had my fair share of turns hiking up to the Hollywood Sign and getting to know the area, but I have never taken the time to stop by this cafe until my friend took me there. Most passersby and guests of this cafe sport sunglasses, workout gear, a hat, and are almost always walking their dog.

With a bright blue door to welcome guests, Beachwood makes it easy to walk in with a smile. The friendly staff greeted us with “Hello!” and automatically seated us right away. The yellow walls and classic patterns adorning this quaint cafe surround you with authentic history. The very family oriented atmosphere will quickly make you feel at home.

Shortly after being seated, we were given a large glass “bottle” of water to share with the table while we looked over the amazing food choices on the menu. May I also include that other than breakfast, you can eat here for lunch and dinner. All the food has a homemade quality to it and although the setting is not as fancy as a 5 star restaurant, the taste surpasses all expectation. Serving American food, this cafe infuses their menu items with Asian and Mediterranean influence with everything being made from scratch. They are also vegan and vegetarian friendly.

A unique fact about Beachwood is that most of their dishes are named after infamous spots in the Los Angeles area. For breakfast you can choose from Beachwood, Runyon, Mt Olympus, Nichols, Bronson and even Laurel, all which are well known streets in LA.

If you plan on visiting this cafe, keep in mind that they are NOT open on Mondays, but they do offer delivery on the days the cafe is open. If you are too tired to work your way down to the cafe, place a phone order and ask for delivery. You’ll be able to enjoy their delicious food in the comfort of your own home.

If you are a local wanting to try something new or a visitor wanting to visit a great local spot, this everyday cafe is your place to go. It can easily become your second home because once you step in you do not want to leave. Beachwood is a fantastic spot to hang out with friends while enjoying a superb meal. Mind you it does get pretty hectic at its peak time, but catch the staff at a regular hour and you will already feel part of the family even before stepping through the blue door.

This cafe hosts cozy community events that occur throughout the year; find a list of these events on their website. In addition to community events, they also have daily specials: Taco Tuesday, Whatever Wednesday, Curry Thursday and Fish n’ Chips Friday. Next time you decide to trek up to the infamous Hollywood Sign, be sure to complete your experience with a trip to Hollywood’s neighborhood Beachwood Cafe.

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Beachwood Cafe named by Treksavvy as must-do



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This neighborhood diner is a pleasant change from the tourist-centric choices of downtown Hollywood. Its a old-school local eatery with a local, homey feel. This is a place to exhale and relax from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and is a perfect choice before charging up the hill to see the Hollywood sign.

Eat here before / after heading up to the Hollywood sign or if you want a more relaxed eatery. Good choices here are the french toast, ham sandwich, kale salad and the hamburger.

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