The cafe has nurtured local supplier relationships with vendors who focus on environmental harmony and uncompromising flavor. Meats are naturally raised and free-range. Local Pacific fish is sustainably farmed. Produce is locally sourced.

We take great care in buying only the best ingredients; like our eggs from Mike and Sons Farms, which are from grain fed, cage free birds (laid that egg on your plate yesterday).
Our burger comes from Kings Natural Beef. They humanely raise and graze Black Angus cattle – never giving them hormones, antibiotics, or growth promoting drugs. Ever. (It’s called a “Never Ever” product.)

Our fresh, locally raised chicken has a Step 5 rating from the Global Animal Partnership; which means they are pasture raised, fed a non GMO verified vegetarian diet with no additives. And, it really does taste like chicken!

The spicy turkey sausage in our signature dish, ‘Beachwood Scramble,’ is made especially for us – you won’t find it anywhere else.

Our coffee is roasted by hand every week on an antique German roaster.

Our teas are blended by hand to order, never warehoused. Ask for a tea list.